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A One-of-a-Kind Book with Practical Solutions for Every Type of Retiree.

From financial professionals Roch Tranel and Tyler Braun comes the retirement how-to book that every aspiring retiree needs. Eight Things I Wish I Knew Before I Retired isn’t just about saving money—it’s a journey into triumphing over a life of purpose and passion. With a down-to-earth approach to the life events that retirees face, this guide invites readers into real-life anecdotes that both entertain and help shape your ideal retirement future.


Dignity & Independence

The Key Question

There are 40 million Americans between the ages of 50-65. Only 200,000 know the number they need to retire and how to get there with a date specific, dollar specific, retirement accumulation plan. This leads to one of two outcomes, those whose money outlives them and those that outlive their money. There is no third option. Find out your number today.

Your Financial Score

Often we find ourselves wondering how we compare financially with our peers. Do you know where you stand financially? When you see someone the same age as you with lots of toys and a big house do you find yourself wondering how can they afford all of that? Take the quiz below to get your financial score and see how you stack up.

Retirement Guide

Sunny Side Up is a retirement planning guide anyone can understand, at any age of planning. This guide will help you learn how to insight and tools necessary for how to

  1. Keep pace with inflation.
  2. Protect your gains as you go.
  3. Stagger your time horizons.
  4. Overcome sequence of return risk.
  5. Take advantage of dollar cost averaging.
  6. Ensure you will not run out of money.
  7. Maximize your income potential.
  8. Help you to control your emotions.

This strategy should be the cornerstone of your plan when determining how to structure your nest egg in retirement.