Investment Planning Made Simple

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Investment planning is not as daunting as it may sound. It’s all about establishing a path and a routine. The rewards of simple investment planning are worth it.

You follow simple plans all day long. When you awake in the morning, you know where your first hour of your day will take you. As your feet hit the floor, you already know that your trail of steps will lead from your bed, to the bathroom, to your closet, to the hallway, and to the kitchen.

Your plan for that first hour of each day is simple, routine and ingrained. We follow very simple plans all day long, often unaware that we are planning as we go.

Investment planning is just that easy. You decide on where you will go and on which steps will take you there. And you make it part of your routine.

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Map Out Your Investment Planning Path

Your early morning routine may end with you sipping your second cup of coffee by 7 am. That’s the goal that triggered the plan that began with your feet hitting the floor at 6 am. With investments, you also establish a routine with your goal being to reach a certain level of wealth by a certain time in your life. In each case, your plan begins with the end in mind.

Identify Your Path

The financial realities of everyday living will form your path. Investment planning realities include things like:

  • What's your risk tolerance?
  • What money will you invest?
  • From where?
  • How much?
  • How often?
  • Over what time?
  • Will your investment contributions increase over time?
  • What will you be funding with your rewards at the end of your plan? Retirement? College? A new home?
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Identify the Steps in Your Investment Planning Routine

The answers to the above questions will make clear what investment planning steps you will choose. For example, a few of your your answers might be:

  • You don't want to risk more thank 6% of what you invest
  • Your money will come mostly from income set-asides, but also from gifts you will receive a couple times each year
  • Your contributions will be made monthly, as 8% of your income. You may think about bumping that to 9% if you get a raise

Begin Investment Planning

It’s pretty straightforward. Pick the investment options that make sense to you based on your above answers, and stick to your plan over time. That’s investment planning made simple.

That’s not to say you won’t encounter some minor complexities along the path such as tax considerations and what to do when unexpected changes arise in your life. An investment planning professional can assist you with those inevitable bumps in the road.

An investment professional can also help you to choose the best investments available to you at any point in time, based upon your answers to the above questions and perhaps some others. How much help you will need along the way, and when you will need it is up to you, but proceed knowing that investment planning professionals are available to guide you through your path whenever needed.

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