Meet the Team

Financial Advisors


Benjamin Pahl

Financial Advisor

Ben is the director of Financial Institutions as well as a member of The Tranel Financial Group’s professional advisory team. He also serves on the Liberty One Investments Team. Ben specializes in working with Great Lakes Credit Union Members, assisting them with all of their financial planning needs.


Tyler Braun

Financial Advisor

Tyler has a passion for working with clients by helping them succeed in achieving their financial goals. Tyler’s objective is to build a lifelong relationship with each client by providing knowledge in the financial industry and assisting them with their financial planning needs.


Jeff Beck

Financial Advisor

Jeff’s  primary professional goal is to provide Great Lakes Credit Union members and their families with a wide array of financial products and services. He is driven to be an ally to his customers in all aspects of their financial journey – helping them gain clarity and confidence about their future.


Jordan Bradford

Financial Advisor

Jordan has an open and friendly demeanor which people naturally gravitate to. He is an enterprising advisor who will listen intently to your needs and deliver the plan best suited to help you reach your financial goals. Jordan’s background in banking will help you navigate complex strategies and give you a fresh, new approach to understanding them. His inspiration comes from his meeting and interaction with you. Jordan’s perceptive edge gives him keen follow through and makes him an inventive problem solver.


Karolyn Wotring

Financial Advisor

Karolyn’s supportive and resourceful approach gives her a keen understanding of each client’s individual situation. With her strong background in both consulting and Financial Planning, she has worked with many clients to help them formulate and execute a strategy to reach their retirement goals.


Peter Orth

Investments Manager

As the lead member of Liberty One Investment Management, Peter is involved in research, in depth analysis, communications and compliance. His contributions have enabled the growth of Liberty One and the sales and outreach to continue to attract new clients.


Dennis Dine

Financial Advisor

Denny has a main focus in providing financial advising services to Great Lakes Credit Union Members.  Denny prides himself on follow through and client education.  His 30+ years in the financial industry make us proud to have him as a member of our team. Denny cares deeply for his clients and is always looking for ways to help others and his industry background helps him coach clients though market cycles

Life Enjoyment Team


Peter Bukowski

Client Support Representative


Tony Mackie

Client Support Representative


Kat Tranel

Office Manager


Nick Ng

Investment Client Representative


Stephanie Walsh

Executive Assistant 


Jenna Tranel

Operations Director


Leadership Team


Roch Tranel

Chief Executive Officer

Roch Tranel, CFP, is the CEO and Founder of The Tranel Financial Group and has been helping individuals reach clarity and confidence about their financial future since 1988. Helping people Enjoy a Better Life™ through successful financial planning is Roch’s passion in life. Roch has assembled a team of professional financial advisors who are committed to the same principles and share his same commitment to providing an unparalleled client experience. Roch is the leader of the Liberty One Management Team and manages over $211 million in assets. In 2012, the Liberty One Portfolios became available at a national level. This gave him the opportunity to share his strategies with all Money Concepts Representatives across the nation and their clients.


Cody Braun


Cody Braun is President of The Tranel Financial Group, leading the team by example with his business savvy and contagious enthusiasm. Cody helps people Enjoy a Better Life by bringing clarity and confidence to his clients and everyone else around him. His leadership and marketing skills are a large part of what makes The Tranel Financial Group the exceptional firm that it is today. Cody’s mission and passion is for helping people!  Along with the Tranel  values of  integrity, leadership, teamwork, striving for excellence, building life long relationships and have fun  while doing it have allowed Cody  to excel. His commitment to the community involves more than just opening our business doors, it also means opening our mind and our heart to help all people and businesses succeed.  


Eric Cima

Chief Financial Officer

Eric Cima is the Chief Financial Officer of the Tranel Financial Group. Helping people get the most enjoyable experience out of life through sound financial advice is what drew him to the industry in 1992. As a certified Fund Specialist, Eric’s proficient at advising clients which mutual fund best suits their needs.